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Toorx Cable Cross CSX 70

€1,399.00 €999.00

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Maximum structure weight 300 Kg


  • Weight stack 2x50 kg with lateral protection in micro-mesh
  • Pulley and pulley system with ball bearings
  • Polyurethane-coated braided steel cable system . Breaking load 2000 Kg
  • Equipment: anklet for tractions and a pair of pulley handles included
  • Structure reinforced steel tubular section 70x30 mm and 80x40 mm.
  • Double epoxy powder paint, scratchproof
  • Product weight 159 Kg
  • Product size 2068 x 1178 x 1998 mm
  • Weight of the packed product 167.5 Kg


  • Tubular structure in reinforced steel with 70x30 mm and 80x40 mm section.
  • Double epoxy powder paint, scratchproof.
  • Anklet for tractions and pair of pulley handles included.

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