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Bodytone Boxing Bag


Boxing bag for box and other martial arts, which thanks to its length of 130 cm allows you to hit at different heights with the necessary firmness so that it does not move to a great extent with each hit. It is ideal to complement your Cross Area thanks to the great cardiovascular work that has the punching and kicking...

RDX F6 Kara Speed Ball With Steel Swivel


The ultimate bag to get your strike precise and fast. The Kara F6 Speed Bag will train your punching speed and endurance unlike any other punching bag. Made from extremely durable high-quality hand-stitched Mayahide Leather, these Speed Bags will last you thousands upon thousands of punches. The additional swivel included is made from High grade HG-Steel™ for outstanding strength and...

RDX 5ft 3-in-1 Punch Bag With Mitts Set


RDX now introduces elite-quality punch bag with enhanced features to allow ideal sway and resistance. The cylindrical bag that is intended to be punched by the trainees is now available with improved functionality. RDX Superior Punch Bag can not only withstand the toughest trainings but allows maximized force dispersion too. Pre-filled punch bags weights are as follow. 5ft Pre-filled Punch...

RDX Free Standing Punchbag 6ft


Elevate your boxing game with advanced shock absorption that rebounds after powerful strikes. RDX Kara has all the thrills but none of the fuss for convenient training anytime, anywhere. So let out all your inner power and have the time of your life by packing a powerful punch! Maya Hide NTearx™ leather for a robust exterior Octa-Truss technology with 8...