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BEKA Befit Pro Gym Flooring


After Befit Zero,BEKA RUBBER increases its range of COLD MOLD production with BeFit Pro, a 100x100cm rubber tile that meets demanding properties from exigent users: As a cold processed rubber tile, tolerances in dimensions and thickness are less than 0.05%. Higher shock absorption regarding low-density tiles, for protecting the joints of the athletes. Anti-slip features in order to minimize the...

BEKA BeCross Pro Flecks Grey


Stock Arriving 01/03/2024 BEKA BeCross Pro Flecks tiles are among our best selling products for sports halls and Fitness centers. A different Gym flooring must be: Good looking. Easy to clean. Resistant to friction. Our products have gone through friction resistance, sound insulation, sound absorption, and fire resistance tests. Feature Value Usage Area: Indoor Area Dimension: 100x100 cm Thickness: 17...

Astro Sprint Track 10mm


Our Sprint Track for sports halls is a smart decision. Modern gyms and Fitness halls are no longer limited to classic weights and machines. These indoor facilities give us the opportunity for different training methods and offer many collective activities. Besides rubber flooring, that can be applied for both classical weights and machines, thanks to our Sprint Track Sled Rug you can create a...

BeROLL SMYRNA 10m Rubber Roll EPDM


BeRoll Smyrna is a rugged, anti-slip and easy-to-clean floor covering rubber roll used in Fitness centers, commercial gyms, home gym, exhibition halls, ice sports stadiums, rehabilitation centers, equipment storage rooms, etc. Its high resistance to mechanical wear and its abrasion resistance, make BeRoll Smyrna a good option for those looking for a different aesthetic result for their rubber flooring. These...