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Single Handle Rope Attachment


The Single Grip Rope Attachment connects to any cable pulley system. Great for training triceps and biceps. Durable and long lasting.

Toorx Lat Pull Down Bar Cable Attachment 91cm


Technical Characteristics: Type of use: Home Product dimensions: 91cm Dimensions packed: 92 x 11 x 4cm Overall weight: 3.50kg For further information, please contact us!

Toorx Lat Pull Down Bar Cable Attachment 122cm


Technical Characteristics: Product dimensions: 122cm Dimensions packed: 125x16x8cm Overall weight: 18kg For further information, please contact us!

Toorx Row Tight V Bar Handle


Matter: chrome Dimensions packed: 20x11x20cm Overall weight: 2kg

Toorx Double Rope Handle Attachment


Type of use: Professional Dimensions packed: 20x11x15cm Overall weight: 1kg

Toorx Ankle Strap Attachment


Dimensions packed: 25x23x22cm Overall weight: 0.12kg Suitable for for ankles of all circumferences.

Single Handle Cable Attachment


Curved one-handed handle for pulley training. The handle has an ergonomic rubber grip and a rotating shaft that make it the perfect accessory for your biceps, arm strength or back strengthening workouts.

Toorx SinglePull Handle


Toorx Single Pulling Handle The TOORX pulling handle brings you a set of exercises you  can do at home such as rear triceps extension, reverse extensions, lying spread or even internal rotations. Work your arms, triceps and shoulders with the TOORX Pull Down Handle. The handle is chrome and the grips are urethane.

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