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RDX Mouthguard Junior Black


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When it comes to protecting your mouth, you need to be sure that your gum shield gives you a perfect fit—one with no space for any blow to cause serious injury. The RDX Gel Mouthguard Gum Shield makes sure that your teeth stay safe with its boil-and-bite construction that molds exactly to the shape of your teeth. It is equipped with Shell-Shock™ technology that absorbs impacts efficiently and Molar Tech™ provides an extra layer of protection to those precious molars even more. So, get ready to usher into your fierce fighting mode as we are here to shield your smile no matter how tough the game is!

  • BPA/Latex-free dual layered material to reduce the chances of irritation
  • Boil-and-bite function for a mouldable, secure fit
  • Dual density structure for mouth protection
  • Shell Shock gel and unique shock fort design to absorb the impact of heavy blows
  • High Density with Low profile design provides comfort
  • Molar Tech™ gel for ultimate molar protection
  • Integrated airflow channels for breathability 
  • Ventilated carrying case for a hygienic and easy transportation   
  • Approved by WAKO and FDA and ADD PHA certified