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Toorx Ankle/Wrists Weights


Whether on wrists or ankles, Lycra weighted cuffs are ideal for arms toning, thighs and buttocks strengthening as well as to work on back and abdominal muscles. Composition: Lycra weighted cuff Steel buckle Velcro tightening band Sold in pairs.

Barbell Pad


Toorx Squat PadThis barbell pad fits easily on standard and Olympic barbells. The pad provides cushioning for your neck while performing squats. By distributing the weight over a larger area on your neck and back, you will no longer feel pain and unwanted soreness due to the barbell.   Simply slide over your barbell and adjust it to be in...

Toorx Pump Set 20kg


Description The TOORX Body Pump 20 kg dumbbell set is ideal for strengthening the whole body at home. The set includes a load bar and 3 pairs of discs with different weights. The discs with a rubberized surface protect the floor from damage and are equipped with an integrated handle for easier loading onto the barbell. Also included in the package are 2 spring-loaded...

AFW Ab Mat


Technical Characteristics: Support made of high-density foam. Ideal accessory to strengthen specific muscle nuclei as it isolates the abdominals for a perfect movement. The raised surface means that the athlete uses more force with a full range of motion through their abdominals and completely relieves any stress on the back during exercise, as it has been designed according to the...

BH Fitness Lubricant Spray Oil 400ml


For further information, please contact us!

Bodymax Grip Foam Roller


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) affects those new to exercise as well as seasoned athletes. Often it’s the result of starting a new exercise regime, making changes to an existing routine where new muscles are worked or increasing the duration or intensity of your fitness program. After working out it’s important to give your muscles some TLC and the Bodymax...

Bodytone Hurdles PVC Set of 5


Hurdles to work plyometrics, speed exercises and functional training of all kinds. 15 x 45cm Set of 5

Bodytone Speed Ladder


This training ladder is designed to improve acceleration, speed, lateral speed, agility, coordination and sense of balance, and also improve muscle strength. At the same time it stimulates many parts of your brain to connect and work more effectively. It consists of 12 steps. Portable and easy to store. Made of polypropylene   DIMENSIONS: 6 m

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