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BeROLL SMYRNA 10m Rubber Roll EPDM


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BeRoll Smyrna is a rugged, anti-slip and easy-to-clean floor covering rubber roll used in Fitness centers, commercial gyms, home gym, exhibition halls, ice sports stadiums, rehabilitation centers, equipment storage rooms, etc.

Its high resistance to mechanical wear and its abrasion resistance, make BeRoll Smyrna a good option for those looking for a different aesthetic result for their rubber flooring. These rolls offer nice walking comfort and a good capacity of noise and impact absorption.


Recycled SBR granule, 20% new EPDM flecks in different colours, MDI polyurethane bonding agent.


Recycled SBR granule, 20% new EPDM flecks. MDI polyurethane bonding agent.

Usage Indoor / Outdoor

Length: 10m 

Depth: 8mm

Width: 1.2m

Surface Porous, soft and smooth

Density 950-970 kgs/m3

Tolerance of Thickness 5%

BeRoll Smyrna Features:

Feature Value

Usage Area: 

Indoor and Outdoor


120x1000 cm
120x1500 cm
120x2000 cm

Thickness / Weight:

  8mm / 7,70 kg/m2

Color Options:

Black % 20 epdm Grey

Top Surface:

Porous, Soft, Smooth

Bottom Surface:

Porous, Soft, Smooth


970-980 kg/m3

Fire Resistance:

Class E (DIN EN 13501-1, 2010)

Chemical Resistance:

Conditionally resistant to acids and bases

Cold Crushing Strength:

24 hours / -20 ° C, no crushing

Cold Cracking Strength:

5 hours / -15 ° C, no crushing

Temperature Range:

-30oC - 80oC (Internally tested.)