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Astro Sprint Track 10mm



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Our Sprint Track for sports halls is a smart decision. Modern gyms and Fitness halls are no longer limited to classic weights and machines. These indoor facilities give us the opportunity for different training methods and offer many collective activities.

Besides rubber flooring, that can be applied for both classical weights and machines, thanks to our Sprint Track Sled Rug you can create a space that gives a very different overall look to your floor. Using the correct artificial turf product is imperative for this kind of use. A Sport center needs a product which is strong, reliable and resistant. A product that requires very little maintenance and is very easy to clean. 

It is mainly used in sports halls as a training surface for resistance training, defining exercise areas, and it is an optimum surface for long-term use.

Sprint Track Sled Rug advantages:

  • Sled pushing and pulling training up to 250kg.
  • Perfect for Indoor running due to its 2 athletic tracks desing.
  • Ideal for endurance training.
  • 10m x 2m
  • Optimum solution for fast return or acceleration practice training.
  • Superb flooring surface for rehabilitation centers.
  • Available in three different colors: Anthracite (Black), Green. 

You can also design numbers on your Sprint Track and mark even better your running track lines. It will give you an outstanding aesthetic result for your floor due to its different colors.