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Yoga professional grip dark blue

€60.00 €45.00

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Over 30 years experience

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The unique yoga mat with excellent slip resistance even during sweaty exercises with a special material-specific grain of the special polyurethane (PU) anti-slip top. Perfect cushioning and gentle on the joints for a wide range of yoga practices. Stable support even during advanced exercises. Thanks to the particularly compact foam backing, the mat lies flat and non-slip on the floor.

• Non-slip, cushioning and insulating

• Hygienic and skin-friendly

• Easy-care

• Free from harmful substances

• Manufactured without the use of solvents

• Particularly odorless

• Phthalate-free – in accordance with EU Directive 2005/84/EC

• 100% polyester backing with chlorine-free foam top and phthalate-free foam bottom

Colour - Dark Blue