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Stone Strength Tri Grip Rubber Plates



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Our tri grip plates are weightlifting plates designed with three integrated handles or grips, allowing for easier handling and more versatile use.

Used for barbell exercises like bench presses, squats, deadlifts and rows. The rubber coating provides durability, reduces noise and protects floors from damage

  • Cast Iron Metal Core Encased in Heavy Duty Rubber for Floor Protection
  • Tri-Grip Radial Design for Training Variety
  • Ergonomic Handle Grips
  • Compatible with 2 Inch Olympic Style Barbells

These are durable Rubber Coated Tri-Grip Cast Iron Weight Plates. They are expertly designed to provide exceptional performance. The high quality cast iron and rubber coating design ensures extreme durability and quality. They are designed for use with 2" (50mm) width Olympic bars, including EZ, hammer curl, super curl and straight bars.

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