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Stone Strength 1010 Commercial Half Rack

€999.00 €599.00

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Over 30 years experience

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The Stone Strength Commercial Half Rack is made of a sturdy frame and is extremely loadable.

The U-shaped frame makes it possible to use the rack alongside a weight bench, offering both bench press or incline bench press exercise options.

It is a good quality rack that offers stability, adjustability alongside high-quality manufacturing.

Additional attachments for 50mm weight plates are mounted to the frame –
keeping your floor space clear and tidy.

In addition, the rack is equipped with a chin-up bar. Furthermore, you can use the rack in combination with power bands or resistance tubes.


  • Stable frame: High load-ability and durability
    as well as enormous stability
  • Chin-up bar for back (and abdominal muscles’)
  • Suitable for deadlifts from knee height
  • Suitable for barbell bars with a length of
    200cm or 220cm
  • Floor attachments are included in delivery
    (mounting is optional – the rack stands stable even without)
  • Weight rack can be loaded up to a maximum of 400kg
  • Dimensions set-up: 146 x 170 x 226cm

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