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RDX High Density EVA Foam Yoga Block- Non-Slip (Purple)


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Made for beginner and intermediate yogis alike, this sturdy foam yoga block provides strong support for your bridge poses, and comfortable lift to perfect your alignment in the crescent moon stance. Cultivate healthy energy flow by bringing balance and alignment in your form and everyday life with the RDX EVA Foam yoga blocks. Add this optimally sized yoga block (23*15*9.8cm) to your home gym essential and yoga accessories for increased versatility in your practice.

Lightweight and compact design facilitates block-assisted yoga practice anywhere – whether it's in your room or under the shade of a giant oak tree. It also serves as meditation cushion under your head and torso to relax and ensure proper alignment. The soft block is gentler on the joints and muscles during arm balances and backbends, which reduces the strain on muscles and the chances of injury. Non-slip textured surface offers superior traction for the stability and balance needed in your practice to maintain control of movement and improve alignment. Slightly beveled edges provide a firm and easy-grip surface so you can confidently conquer even the more advanced yoga poses. Get additional help by looking up poses from the included exercise manual. Sturdy, high-density foam yoga block delivers exceptional strength to help prolong your poses and holds its position even under considerable weight. It also retains shape after all sorts of compressions for long-lasting durability. Eva foam material offers a non-abrasive surface that increases comfort while you flex and stretch out during practice, or ease-into restorative poses. Use the yoga brick under your hands and feet to deepen stretches, improve flexibility and modify poses to match your difficulty level.

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