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RDX Free Standing Punchbag 6ft


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Over 30 years experience

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Elevate your boxing game with advanced shock absorption that rebounds after powerful strikes. RDX Kara has all the thrills but none of the fuss for convenient training anytime, anywhere. So let out all your inner power and have the time of your life by packing a powerful punch!

  • Maya Hide NTearx™ leather for a robust exterior
  • Octa-Truss technology with 8 extendable legs for superior stability
  • Shock Absorbing Connector and Max Shock Absorber System to withstand blows
  • Premium dual nylon stitching for durability
  • High-density foam protector to prevent injuries
  • Thick Denzo-Tron Foam Padding and the Soft Shredded textile filling to prevent sore knuckles
  • A Dust/ Weatherproof Cover for maximized resilience