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Primal Strength Camouflage 5kg Sandbag


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The Rebel Commercial Fitness Camouflage Powerbag /Sandbag has a unique, camouflage design with easily recognisable, colour-coded and numbered end-caps. The heavy-duty, non-rip construction ensures the bag will stand up to use in any functional space, CrossFit box or commercial gym.

Powerbag training offers allow for versatile, weighted movements, and a wide variety of training routines to be performed. Power Bags are a must have for any functional space.

The range comes in 4 sizes with easily recognisable end-caps; 10kg with yellow ends, 15kg with green ends, 20kg with blue ends and 25kg with red ends.

The Rebel Commercial Fitness Camouflage Powerbag comes with a full commercial 1-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. The warranty does not cover user damage or the Bag’s being repeatedly dropped on hard surfaces.

The Rebel Commercial Fitness Camouflage Powerbag have been designed to be stored on the Rebel Commercial Fitness 4 Pair Powerbag Stand.