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Yoga Package

€68.00 €30.00

100% satisfaction guarantee

Over 30 years experience

Trusted brands

Made in Germany
in accordance with very strictly controlled conditions, in order to guarantee the best
quality and skin-friendliness.

  • Non-slip, cushioning and insulating
  • Easy-care
    • Hygienic and skin-friendly
  • 100 % polyester, vinyl coating


Size: approx 60 x 180 x 0.4cm

Colour: Green

All products from Friedola
are manufactured following strict environmentally friendly requirements. Of
course, we also take this as a basis in the procurement of the used materials.
With that, we ensure you that every product is of excellent quality

Use of natural colours without chemicals pollutants.

– phthalates and nonylphenol free production


  • 8 FEET LONG, MADE OF ECO-FRIENDLY HIGH-END MATERIALS – Made of eco-friendly, uniformly woven sustainably sourced poly-cotton that retains shape and flexibility even after rigours daily yoga and exercise. Robust 8ft long stretching strap with 3.8cm width and 0.13cm thickness, is made to perform under intense pressure. A must-have for any home gym yoga kit.
  • MACHINE WASH – Our yoga straps are easy to use, tie up and hold securely in place during sweaty workouts, while you practice difficult balance poses. After a sweaty session, these straps can be conveniently machine washed without damaging the product.
  • METAL DOUBLE D-RING DESIGN – Adjustable strap and rustproof sturdy D-ring guarantee maximum poses with ease and durability. It securely holds yoga belt in place so you can practice difficult poses by yourself at your home gym
  • BETTER STRETCH – Resilient yet soft materials offer a firm grip, secure balancing form and greater comfort for hands. This workout equipment is specifically designed to yogis that need gentle support to achieve better stretching without injury. Adjustable strap follows the contours of the body for perfect alignment of shoulders and back, and to stretch out muscles of legs and arms.

RDX High Density EVA Foam Yoga Block- Non-Slip

Made for beginner and intermediate yogis alike, this sturdy foam yoga block provides strong support for your bridge poses, and comfortable lift to perfect your alignment in the crescent moon stance. Cultivate healthy energy flow by bringing balance and alignment in your form and everyday life with the RDX EVA Foam yoga blocks. Add this optimally sized yoga block (23*15*9.8cm) to your home gym essential and yoga accessories for increased versatility in your practice.


This functional Yoga Wheel is ideal for putting Pilates or Yoga exercises on a new foundation. The robust design ensures stability to maintain or even re-adjust the balance. Expand with this Yoga Wheel the repertoire of training and especially the back can benefit from effective applications.