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BH Fitness Exercycle H9365

€2,599.00 €1,850.00

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BH Fitness Exercycle H9365 EMS Resistance System

The electromagnetic resistance system (EMS) allows a very precise, progressive, and immediate regulation of intensity


It has an FTP test to calculate the watt threshold, a 5KHz Polar telemetric pulse receiver, and a Bluetooth FTMS module that enables full compatibility with leading cycling simulators


The V-frame design allows the bike to fit sizes from S to XL, ensuring the highest degree of performance during exercise.

Integrated Shifting

Handlebar shifting has a practical function: giving the user the ability to change resistance without changing their posture.

Q Factor:

The Exercycle has a Q factor of 152, which allows the position of the legs during pedaling to be the same as that of the road bike, while allowing the user to generate maximum force with each pedal stroke.

Full Connectivity:

The Exercycle offers the latest technology in connectivity, so you can compete with your teammates using the multiple simulation applications on the market. This is achieved thanks to the integrated Bluetooth FTMS module in the bike’s console, which allows full compatibility with industry-leading applications.

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