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AFW Olympic Loadable Dumbbell Handle


100% satisfaction guarantee

Over 30 years experience

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  • Sold as single bar
  • Weight plates not included

Technical Characteristics:

  • The variable load dumbbell that follows the pace and intensity of your workouts. A space-saving solution for using multiple dumbbell weight options without taking up space. Fits all Olympic plate collar openings (2").
  • Include the load you want to lift at all times.
  • Zinc coated grip.
  • Compatible with our discs.
  • For Ø 50 discs.
  • 2 HK Needle Bearing
  • Standard Knurl.
  • Full knurling.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Diameter: 28.5 mm.
  • Bar length: 52 cm.
  • Loading zone: 17 cm.