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Stone Strength Plate Rack

€199.00 €150.00

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Stone Strength Rubber Floor Tiles Stone Strength Rubber Floor Tiles

Stone Strength Rubber Floor Tiles

€29.95 €24.95

Rubber tiles of 1 square meter are ideal for areas where free weights are used and a durable and impact resistant floor is desired. DIMENSIONS 100 x 100 cm x 15 mm COMPOSITION Rubber 100% For further information, please contact us!

Bodytone Mat Support


DIMENSIONS Support for 10 to 20 mats, depending on whether they are yoga (20) or fitness (10) due to their difference in thickness. Mats NOT Included.

Weight20rack Weight20rack

Stone Strength Plate Rack

€199.00 €150.00

Free standing weight plate storage rack. Perfect for any home gym Plate rack is equipped with 6 bars - for weights with 50mm (2") hole diameter. Use – clear storage of the Olympic weight plates ensures more order on the training surface – for home and gym. Highlights: 6 bars made of solid steel, rubberised feet for a stable stand,...

BEKA Befit Pro Gym Flooring


After Befit Zero,BEKA RUBBER increases its range of COLD MOLD production with BeFit Pro, a 100x100cm rubber tile that meets demanding properties from exigent users: As a cold processed rubber tile, tolerances in dimensions and thickness are less than 0.05%. Higher shock absorption regarding low-density tiles, for protecting the joints of the athletes. Anti-slip features in order to minimize the...

BEKA BeCross Pro Flecks Grey


Stock Arriving 01/03/2024 BEKA BeCross Pro Flecks tiles are among our best selling products for sports halls and Fitness centers. A different Gym flooring must be: Good looking. Easy to clean. Resistant to friction. Our products have gone through friction resistance, sound insulation, sound absorption, and fire resistance tests. Feature Value Usage Area: Indoor Area Dimension: 100x100 cm Thickness: 17...

Toorx Vertical Dumbbell Rack


Vertical Dumbbell rack Stores 6 pairs of Dumbbells Dimensions: 72 x 52 x 107cm Weight: 12Kg Dumbbells not included

Toorx RMT Freestanding Mat Rack


Product size: 70x59x190cm

Toorx RMV Vinyl Dumbbell Rack on Wheels


The RMV Dumbbell Holder by TOORX is ideal for storing dumbbells after training.The support is recommended for vinyl or neoprene dumbbells.Equipped with transport wheels that make it easy to move.Dimensions (L x W x H): 100 x 50 x 105 cmWeight: 27kg

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