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Olympic Bench Package

€605.00 €499.00

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Multiposition bench with settings for different fitness exercises. The reinforced steel structure ensures a stable training session. Enjoy the benefits of having a fitness machine at home.

STORAGE SUPPORTS: Store the discs easily in the machine support.

VERSATILITY: It offers several typoes of exercises in one machine: shoulders, biceps, abs or leg curl.

RECLINING BACKREST: Multiposition support that allows a constant lumbar support.

STRUCTURE: Protective metal casing. Quality and rigidity with unique design.

Max Load: 80kg
Max. user weight: 100kg
Weight: 46kg
Dimensions: L 208cm x W 103cm x H 171cm

Stone Strength 7ft Olympic Bar

Our Olympic 7ft bar is a strong chrome knurled barbell. Suitable for Home usage. Fitted for Olympic plates which are 2" in diameter this barbell can take cast iron, hammertone or rubber radial weight plates. It has been rated at a 315kg (700lb) maximum load so you can take your weight training to a maximum.


WEIGHT: 20kg
DIAMETER: 50 mm Bar: 25 mm

COMPOSITION: Chromed steel.

Max Load: 315kg (700lb)

(Spring Clips included)

Stone Strength 5kg Rubber Weight Plates

2 x 5kg

Heavy Duty Olympic Tri Grip Weight Plates

  • Cast Iron Metal Core Encased in Heavy Duty Rubber for Floor Protection
  • Tri-Grip Radial Design for Training Variety
  • Ergonomic Handle Grips
  • Compatible with 2 Inch Olympic Style Barbells

These are durable Rubber Coated Tri-Grip Cast Iron Weight Plates. They are expertly designed to provide exceptional performance. The high quality cast iron and rubber coating design ensures extreme durability and quality.

They are designed for use with 2" (50mm) width Olympic bars, including EZ, hammer curl, super curl and straight bars.


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