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Friedola Yama Yoga Balance


100% satisfaction guarantee

Over 30 years experience

Trusted brands

Made in Germany” in accordance with strictly controlled conditions, in order to guarantee the best quality and skin-friendliness.

The ideal grip of your new yoga mat is achieved through frequent yoga use.

To speed up the “break-in“ anti-skit properties of your mat it supports to scrub with natural salt-water and a sponge, wash off and dry your mat in the sun.

  • Non-slip, cushioning and insulating
  • Easy-care
    • Hygienic and skin-friendly
  • 100 % polyester, vinyl coating


All products from Friedola are manufactured following strict environmentally friendly requirements. Of course, we also take this as a basis in the procurement of the used materials. With that, we ensure you that every product is of excellent quality

Use of natural colours without chemicals pollutants.

- phthalates and nonylphenol free production

Size: approx 65 x 185 x 0,55cm

Colour: Dark Blue