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Stone Strength Package

99.00 (ex vat: 80.49)


  • Stone Strength 20kg Kettlebell
  • AFW Ab Mat
  • Primal Strength Speed Rope
  • Bodytone 10kg Rubber Hexagonal Hex Dumbbells

In stock

In stock

Stone Strength 20kg Kettlebell

Each bell is made from a single piece casting to produce the most robust, reliable and long lasting Kettlebell for the toughest environments.

Weight tolerance +/- 2%

Our Kettlebells come in a beautiful matt black powder coated finish with colour coded handles making each weight easy to identify, especially for trainers.


  • Cast Iron kettlebell for quality and durability
  • Matte black powder coat finish feels great
  • Wide, flat machined base keeps kettlebells from wobbling or tipping over
  • Colour-coded handles indicate weight class


AFW Ab Mat

  • Support made of high-density foam.
  • Ideal accessory to strengthen specific muscle nuclei as it isolates the abdominals for a perfect movement.
  • The raised surface means that the athlete uses more force with a full range of motion through their abdominals and completely relieves any stress on the back during exercise, as it has been designed according to the natural curvature of the spine.
  • The base is flat and non-slip, and the high-density foam keeps it firm after long use.
  • Length: 37 cm.
  • Width: 30 cm.
  • Height: 6 cm.


AFW Speed Rope Root 2.0

  • For lovers of CrossTraining and fitness. A jump rope training helps you to increase aerobic endurance as well as strengthen your legs, gluteus and burn fat.
  • It is a good tool for the warm-up exercices and training of the day, since with it you can organize series of jumps raising the level more and more.
  • Speed rope manufactured with the highest quality.
  • 2 mm. adjustable steel cable.
  • Maximum inertia, big resistance, control and precision without tangles.
  • Available in blue and gray.


Bodytone 9kg Rubber Hex Dumbbells

 High quality rubber hexagonal dumbbells for gyms and box, ideal for crosstraining workouts.
Thanks to their hexagonal shape, these professional dumbbells can be placed on the ground without rolling, and can be used for different exercises of functional training and strength.


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