Ideal for weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength training. These pair of neoprene lifting grips feature a dotted silicon palm layered to provide just enough cushioning against heavy weights to alleviate any pressure on the wrists or palms.


Use on barbells, dumbbells, bumper plates and kettle bells to get a grip on your gym routines with improved gripping strength. Heavy-duty stitching increases durability and resists fraying.

  • STURDY NEOPRENE FABRIC promises hand conformance while remaining durable. Soft and comfortable, the compressional properties of this fabric fits form perfectly to assist with weightlifting, strength training, and more.
  • SILICON DOT MAPPING in the palms provides traction and solid grip for heavy lifts, taking pressure off the hands and wrists so you can focus on intend during deadlifts, rows, and snatches
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE STITCHING resists excessive weight or pressure holding your grips together for endless sessions
  • OPEN HAND DESIGN allows ventilation while keeping your skin dry and slightly comfier while improving gripping strength.
  • QUICK EZ HOOK-AND-LOOP closure allows quick strapping in so that you can get to a variety of training activity such as: pull-ups, chin ups, toes-to-bar, muscle ups, gymnastics, powerlifting, bodybuilding, deadlifts, calisthenics, barbell rows, snatch, clean and jerk, bench press and more.


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