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Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Kettlebell Rack – Matte Nero

230.00 (ex vat: 186.99)

Features / Additional information

Matte Nero Kettlebell Rack
• Unique Multi-Step Design
• Designed for the Rebel Commercial Fitness Premium Cast Kettlebells
• 2-Year Commercial Warranty
• 1 of 8 Stealth Storage Solutions


The Stealth Commercial Fitness Kettlebell Rack is 1 of 8 storage racks in the Primal Strength Stealth storage range. The unique, multi-step design allows for six Kettlebells to be stored with the heavier kettlebells to be stored on the lowest step and the lighter bells to be stored on the higher steps. The rack is far narrower than a horizontal kettlebell rack and is great for saving space.

The unique design allows for the kettlebells to be stored in weight order and allows users to easily see the coloured handle rings on the Rebel Kettlebells to identify their desired weight. The racks can be aligned side by side in a row, ideal for busier gyms, and also sit nicely next to the Stealth Dumbbell rack.

The heavy-duty kettlebell rack is backed with a 2-year commercial warranty and has a capacity of 250kg.