Friedola Yama Yoga Grip Travel Topper

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The optimal lightweight travel mat and instead of a towel the perfect hygienic grip
mat topper for a wide range of studio mats.

Excellent non-slip top surface even during
sweaty exercises with a special material-own texture of the special polyurethane (PU)
non-slip upper side.

Ideal anti-slip properties of the underside to various mats and


  • Non-slip
  • Particularly light
  • Very hygienic and skin-friendly
  • Easy-care
  • Free from pollutants
  • Production without the use of solvents
  • Especially odour neutral
  • 100 % polyester carrier with plasticizer and chlorine-free foam top and chlorine-free


Size: approx 67 x 188 x 0,2cm

Colour: Dark Blue

All products from Friedola
are manufactured following strict environmentally friendly requirements. Of
course, we also take this as a basis in the procurement of the used materials.
With that, we ensure you that every product is of excellent quality

Use of
natural colours without chemicals pollutants.

– phthalates and nonylphenol free production



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