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BH Fitness Movemia H940M ( Commercial )

1,999.00 (ex vat: 1,625.20)

Indoor bike with intensity regulation of the friction brake system that also offers the best corrosion and rust resistance treatment. It guarantees the maximum comfort during the use thanks to the triathlon type handlebar, mix pedals and the micro adjustments of the seat and handlebar. This indoor bike is adaptable to any kind of user.

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Out of stock

Movemia Commercial Indoor Bike
Mixed pedals: Dual SPD -Trekking pedals, Featured both standard baskets and cycling shoe clips
The Best Painting Treatment: Special painting treatment for corrosion resistance done by the industrial process called electrophoretic deposition which provides the best treatment of the market for corrosion and rust resistance.
Seat adjustment: Continuous and flexible micro - adjustable saddle
Triathlon Type Handle Bar : Ergonomically designed triathlon type handlebar adjustable horizontally and vertically

Physical specs
Length (cm) 104
Width (cm) 63
Height (cm) 117
Weight (Kg) 43
Max. user weight (Kg) 150
Reinforced structure
Anti-corrosive paint
Adjustable brackets
Flywheel (Kg)  20

Mechanical specs
Poli-V belt

Comfort specs
Transport wheels
Saddle vertical adjustment
Saddle horizontal adjustment
Handlebar vertical adjustment
Handlebar horizontal adjustment

 Steel flywheel of 20 kg.
 Strong Poli-V belt drive system, powerful and noiseless.
It doesn´t need maintenance.
 Protective supports in the rear, front and central frame,
imprinted by a high frequency on a PVC film with a
micro-grid and a super auto-adhesive engraving.
 Double bottle holder.
 Aluminum’s materials for the micro-adjust of the saddle
providing a more versatile, brave and durable design.
 Mixed SPD-Trekking pedals, adaptable to different type
of footwear.
 Oversized Steel chassis recovered with a reinforced
structure for bigger support and stability.
 Rubber tipped feet, for cleaning and vacuuming without
scratching the paint.
 Front mounted wheels, which allow easy

Compatibility of Consoles

Choose the option that best suits your center, the simplicity and efficiency of LED monitors or the total connectivity offered by SmartFocus.

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Weight 43 kg